Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

There are those who wish to reject goods that are very valuable and high technology if it is free?

Please say NO! and yes I want it if it's free! you're insane if reject an offer like that. 
there is no free if you're not trying. Well, in this blog post, me and my brother was planning to create 
animations gif of how strong my desire to have an iPhone4.
Yes, the iPhone does have a criteria that I wanted to complete my life. Software is too sophisticated and fun.
With the iPhone I can check my e-mail, post and update my facebook and my blog.
Surf the Internet for the latest information. I also can read the newspaper online!
Dad, I will give you read the newspapers online when I'm driving a car.
If I didnt win this contest, I will save money each month to have it!
I must have it! Please Mr. NuffnangMr. DiGi,
I want it so bad!


suziesanji said...

nice entry.. good luck~~

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