Thursday, June 24, 2010

Juno Quotes ; both (we) like this

Juno: It all started with a chair Rollo: You better pay for that pee-stick when you're done with it. Don't think it's your's just because you marked it with your urine!

Leah: Yo yo yoiggady yo 

Juno: I'm pregnant.

Leah: What? Honest to blog? 

Juno: Yeah. It's Bleeker's 

Leah: It's probably just a food baby. Did you have a big lunch? 

Juno: This is not a food baby all right? I've taken like three pregnancy tests, and I'm forshizz up the spout.

BrenMacGuff: Who is the kid? Juno: The- the baby? I don't really know much about it other than, I mean, it has fingernails allegedly BrenMacGuff: Nails, really? Juno: Yeah!


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